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THUMMULLA  Nice place to put up a poster.


While giving brief introduction (Not me) about the Kukule ganga Project.


In side the Power plant- Kukule


This is how it works..


Professor Lucas giving a lecture on High Voltage Engineering.


500 m long tunnel drilled to the generator pit.


Can You See Us !


With Prof. Lucas, Site Engineer, Dr Trishantha Nanayakkara, Prof. Priyantha Wijethunga.


Lets move to the Switch yard


CTs,PTs, Isolators, SF6 Breakers..Things we have to deail with.


220 kV potential Just above my head.!


Opening gate at Kukule Run off the river Dam.


Sedimentation tank. Starting of the water tunnel to the power palnt.


Team for the 2003 Triangular Cricket tournament


Just Before the Opening Ceremony Trangulor 2003


University Of Runa, Peradeniya, Moratuwa. All 3 in One !!!


"Hey man look at me I'm your V.C " Professor Dayantha Wijesekara Vice chanseller.


"JATHIYE IRANAMA"  Prof Nalin de Silva Delivering a Speach on JATHIKA CHINTHANAYA.


This is how we wish others to pass their exams.



800 Cubic metes per Second !


Just before climbing to the top of the wind mill. Me,Prasad, Priyanga Field Visite 2002


In front Of the Computer lab. Prasad, Priyanga, and Sam with me


This time no escape. Jayal (Rabbit,Hawa) under arrest.


In a relaxing Moment. C.E.B. guest house. Field Visite 2002


Colors Nite 2002


Having a discussion with Prof. Nalin de Silva.


With Prasad


At OHIYA. Field trip to Horton plane 2001


At pattipola Railway station 2001 field trip




After the 1 st year exam.Near the examination Hall.


See our Brand New Car! (Behind the Mechanical Enginnering Yard)


In the control Complex. Wind plant Hanbanthota. Field visite 2002


Towards the control Centre


48 m height tower having 3 blades of 22 m in length.


After the match with OLD MORA 2002


Kukule ganga Field visit 2003


At Peradeniya.7 th SLUG 2001


After having breakfast Field visit 2002


Team for the Interuniversity Cricket tournament. 2003



With Priyanga. Electrical Nite 2001


Rug worrier In action ! In the IARC laboratory. During Robotics Practical session.


What are we  going do with these things


While painting the Megahatanne


Handing over the trolley to the Hospital



Having a chat with friends. At the A.G.M night.2001



At Dik-Oya Mini Hydro power plant.

At the 6th Electrical Engineering Society (EESoc) A.G.M Drama , acting as the president of the Unemployed Electrical Engineers Society.  Lal next to me.  

With Givantha, Prasad in the Kukuleganga Tunnel


Just Pull the Tiger



With prasad. Coming back to Pattipola railway station.



Rasika explaining the Robot.Uchitha next to him. Thinking about the cache magazine. At the Diamond exhibition 2002.



Programmable robot-hand doing some critical operation against human brain cells.



Unbelievable  it's working!



Me, Prasad, Priyanga at Hortonplanes


Protest against the cold weather.



Inside the tunnel


While traveling to Kukuleganga


With Acedamic Staff


Field visit to DIK-OYA Hydro power plant. 2001 With my finger bandage.